Thursday, March 20, 2014


Books get me all worked up in a variety of ways all the time, but today’s book blog post is about the sort of book specifically intended to get a girl hot and bothered.  I’m talking erotica, and in this case, I’m very specifically talking about the genre most of us didn’t even know existed until E.L. James gave us Fifty Shades of Grey.  No, no - I don’t mean BDSM.  (We all knew about that stuff, right?  It’s as old as sin.  Literally.)
I mean mommy porn.
If you regularly follow this blog, you know how I feel about Fifty.  To catch yourself up, you can click here to (re)read my post ‘Kinky Fuckery For All.’  Basically, I got it, but it didn’t do a whole lot for me.  I thought it was great that women were openly reading erotica; I just didn’t personally relate to the tale of a 21-year-old virgin (cue the laugh track) whose initiation into sexual activity came with whips, chains, butt plugs, and an Audi R8.  And - spoiler alert if you haven’t read Fifty or are the one person on the planet who hasn’t absorbed the storyline through osmosis - when our heroine Ana gets everything she ever dreamed of in life via commitment to the rich, sexy train wreck that is Christian Grey, my inner feminist threw up in her mouth a little.
But to get back on point…mommy porn
E.L. James deserves credit for taking erotica for women out of the shadows.  The market that’s emerged for seriously hot fiction for your average hard-working, Target-shopping modern mom is impressive.  A recent standout is Ignite, a collection of ten erotic short stories with the accurate tagline, “Tasteful erotic fiction moms will love!”  I won’t tell you which of these ten quick tales was my favorite (because then you’d know too much about me, and that wouldn’t be good for anyone), but suffice it to say, if you’re a hot momma, there is something in here for you.
But then, maybe I’m just easy.  Any book where foreplay includes a husband who’s vacuumed and prepared dinner gets my vote.  (Oh, be honest - you swooned a little at the phrase “vacuumed and prepared dinner,” too, didn’t you?)  As often happens in contemporary erotica, some of the setups are bit contrived, but let’s be real: you can cut a little slack for anything you’re gonna read with a vibrator handy, no?  We all know the gardener’s there to bed more than just the roses, but hey…
Reminder: this is EROTICA, so if you’re off-put by detailed descriptions of intense sex, this is not for you.
{That said, I think I just heard the sound of a whole lot of one-click action on Amazon, so…yeah…if you’re still with me, click this link.}

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