Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Part of Me

"Do we need an intervention?"
This was the Facebook comment from a longtime friend after I posted a Katy Perry video.
Probably the second or third Katy Perry video I’d posted in a month.
Here’s the thing: I’ve never been a big fan of pop music.  I have greatly-varied musical tastes, but tend to lean toward “alternative.”  Rock.  Some blues and country and bluegrass and folk.
Not a whole lotta Katy Perry.
But - as I think is now pretty much common knowledge to regular followers of my blog - I’ve been going through a divorce.  It’s been a rough year, and I’ve found support and strength in the most unexpected places.  Pop music may be the most unexpected of the bunch, but let me tell you - there is quite a crop of badass young women out there unwilling to settle or deal with BS or let the learning opportunity that comes with a breakup pass them by.  And they aren’t afraid to sing about it.
Kelly Clarkson.  The Band Perry.  Christina Aguileira.  Iggy Azalea & Ariana Grande.  Adele.  P!nk.  Katy Perry.  And - of course - the reigning Queen of Breakup Songs and my summer neighbor here in Rhode Island, Taylor Swift.
Stop snickering.  Hell yes, I’ve been singing along with T. Swift.  Sometimes a girl needs to knock off the wistful replays of Sarah McLachlan’s U Want Me 2 and affirm that We Are Never, Ever Getting Back Together.  Even if said girl is 40-ish and not quite ready to bounce around in jammies and hipster eyeglasses while singing along.  Sometimes it’s just plain good to (1) chuck the Kleenex, (2) remember that you did all you could but hey, it takes two people to have a relationship, and (3) sing a pop song about feeling tougher than you really do.
If you sing loudly enough, you might accidentally feel better.
More hopeful.
Ready to leave the past where it belongs: in the past.
You might also feel grateful not to have Russell Brand as your ex - damn, he did a number on Katy! - but I digress…
Check out the links below.  Sing at the top of your lungs.  I’ve got a whole slew of new BFFs, and these girls have got my back.  Yours too, if you need ‘em.
(Just please don’t tell David Bowie.  He’d be so disappointed in me.)

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