Thursday, May 22, 2014


Ever have one of THOSE days?
Or weeks?
Or years?
You know.  The sort where you’re already down and the world seems to see a “kick me” sign pinned to your back?
I’ve had such a pesky run of bad luck - or trouble, or trying times, or whatever you might call it - in recent months, my life could be a country song.  (Seriously.  I can actually count a pickup truck and a dog among my losses.)
But a funny thing keeps happening.
I keep accidentally finding ways to maintain perspective.  I keep enjoying the little things in spite of myself.  I keep singing along with the radio, laughing at my son’s antics, finding bliss in a trail run I nearly decided against.  Friends keep lifting me up with acts of kindness.  I keep hoping and dreaming and working my tail off, counting on rewards I’ve yet to see.  And I keep finding treasure amidst the debris.
Yesterday I had one of those magical days where all the people and messages I most needed found me.  I decided I should share a few - click away below and enjoy.
My friend Stephanie White posted this fantastic bit on her blog, tackling the topic of achievement with her usual sense of humor in 'Goals, Dreams & the Guy Who Wanted to Put His Coat On.'
Dar James seemed to speak to me personally in 'Start Small…Conquer Big.'
And the ever-amusing Brea Brown struck a very specific chord with 'Are You There, Newly-Published Writers?  It's Me, Brea.'
Last but most certainly not least, Arielle Ford lifted me up with the wise words of her late sister Debbie:
Perspective is good.  Life is good.  Hope springs eternal.
Let’s go be warriors.
Let’s go deliver our gifts.


  1. The months and years you describe are awful. It seems like nothing goes right, and you just keep thinking, "Why is everything so hard?" Then you answer yourself, "That's what she said," and you laugh through the frustration, and before you know it (okay, it feels like a really long time at the time), you've made it to the other side. And your friends haven't just been standing there on the other side, waiting for you to get there. They've been walking with you the whole time. And that's amazing. Thanks for this post (and thanks for the link to my post, too)!