Saturday, September 6, 2014

What Was She Thinking?

I want to give Jennifer Lawrence a hug.
Not only did someone hack into her private photos, steal them and share them with the world, but then came the sadly-predictable response.
Why on earth would a celebrity take nude photos in the first place?
What was she thinking?
I dunno.  My guess is that she thought she had a basic human right to keep her private life private.  That the very public nature of her job shouldn’t mean the public owned her.
Ricky Gervais rightfully caught flack for Tweeting: “Celebrities, make it harder for hackers to get nude pics of you from your computer by not putting nude pics of yourself on your computer.”
As a social media acquaintance of mine commented: “That’s like saying if you don’t want your TV to get stolen, you shouldn’t have a TV.”
This whole JLaw “scandal” makes me feel a few things viscerally.  Specifically:
  1. We need to stop devouring celebrities.  Someone who makes movies or music or otherwise gives of themselves for our entertainment should not have to face mobs and flashbulbs and paparazzi while taking their kids to school or the grocery store.  They certainly shouldn’t have to worry that private pics will become public.  And don’t give me the whole bullshit they-make-so-much-fucking-money-that’s-the-price-you-pay argument.  No one should have to sacrifice their entire life to earn a living doing something they love.  The public needs to stop behaving like brainless animals in the face of celebrity.
  2. We need to stop slut-shaming women.  Whether we’re talking about nude pics, short skirts, high heels, whatever.  Let’s make sure the next generation never utters the words, “She was asking for it.”    Because no matter who she is or what the context, no woman is ever - ever - asking to be violated.
  3. That’s what the hack of Jennifer Lawrence’s private photos was: a violation.  As Lena Dunham Tweeted:  “the person who stole these pictures and leaked them is not a hacker: they’re a sex offender.”  Exactly.  Can we get that through our collectively-thick skulls, please?  If you hack into someone’s personal photos and steal nude pics, you are no different from the Peeping Tom under the window or the flasher in the park.  There is something wrong with you.
  4. There is nothing wrong with taking nude pics.  Society needs to knock off the faux-prude baloney.  Women are hyper-sexualized in the media.  But take a couple of racy selfies and we’re all gasping and pointing?  Puh-leeze.  We all know you’ve got dirty shit somewhere on your iPad or smartphone.  It’s just not an issue because you’re not Jennifer Lawrence and no one wants to see you naked.
Look, if someone wants to hack into my pics and find some naughty stuff to make public, I’m thinking a good scandal might actually help with book sales.  So if you think the world wants to see shots of a chick lit writer who spends most of her time in boxer shorts and a David Bowie tee, writing sex scenes with a cat at her feet, chardonnay in her coffee mug, and a little crust of Toblerone and brie at the corners of her mouth, I’m your girl. 
Leave JLaw alone already.